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Flame Learning is a commitment by Bron and Adi to create the best learning apps on the market for preschoolers that are educational, fun and innovative. Work colleagues first and now business partners, Bron and Adi founded Flame Learning in 2013. The key motivation driving this new business is the desire to ‘Ignite all children’s Flame for Learning’. In this era of rapidly changing and developing technology, Flame Learning holds to the core principles that learning should always encourage children to ask questions, explore and, above all, have fun.

Bron and Adi are both experts in the field of education and eLearning design and are joined by a dedicated team that includes an awesome graphic designer and one of Australia’s top female musical artists. We create apps that are fun, interactive and give your child an unparalleled quality learning experience. Download one today!

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Visit our Facebook page for updates.

Visit our Facebook page for updates.



Our apps

Preschool Kids Math

Originally titled 'Puppy Trace', Preschool Kids Math is the first part of a 6-game app series called ‘Pups with Numbers’ of the ‘Puppy Preschool’ genre.

Audience Age: 3-6 years old

Platform: Android and iOS. Note: as from January 18 2016, the app will no longer be available from iTunes.

Operating system: Android - 4.0 and above.  iOS 7.1

Devices: Smartphones and tablets, iPhones and iPads

Language: English (Australian)

Educational Features: Uses NSW foundation font. Gameplay designed by educational professionals.

Music by: Duncan and Trish Delaney-Brown

Voice-over by: Trish Delaney-Brown

Graphics by: Ruwandi Perera of Ruwandi Designs www.ruwandidesigns.com/

Development by: Toptal http://www.toptal.com/

Music: Yes, original composition.

Game play description: Child chooses a puppy from a choice of 3: Poochi the Pug, Sheppie the German Shepherd, and Rhubarb the Shetland Sheepdog. Guided by instructions from the adult dog, Shadow, the child follows the puppy to the dog house around the shape of a number. The child receives feedback if they go outside the lines. The child has four tries at tracing the number correctly. Upon success, an animation plays of the puppy meeting Shadow at the dog house. The numbers are from 0 to 20. Upon reaching 10, there is a mid-way celebration screen. At successfully completing up to 20, there is a second celebration before the child helps the puppy to choose a toy to put near the kennel.

Educational App Store rates the app five out of five

Educational App Store rates the app five out of five

Get the Preschool Kids Math Android app from SlideME.
Preschool Kids Math is also available at the Amazon Appstore for Android.

Preschool Kids Math is also available at the Amazon Appstore for Android.

Watch this short promo video to see the features of Flame Learning latest app for preschool aged children. Preschool Kids Math is new from Flame Learning! Cute, adorable puppies make learning fun as your child joins them in Puppy Preschool to learn about numbers.

Our Team

Bronwen Mackenzie (Bron)

Bron and Alex with Jazzy, Raven and Louie

Bron and Alex with Jazzy, Raven and Louie

I have always had a passion for teaching young, and not so young, children. During high school, I taught swimming and the trombone to numerous children and carried that passion on into adulthood through conducting, teaching or tutoring children from two to 20. Now, I am the proud mother of an amazing four year old boy (and pack leader to two lovable Shelties) , and I have become fascinated by the ever advancing world of mobile learning. As I watch my child engage in learning apps for children on the tablet, I have become aware of how crucial it is that these are quality learning experiences, not just babysitting for parents. So, taking her years of educational knowledge and unwavering commitment to quality, I have joined with my friend, colleague and the equally dedicated Adi to produce fantastic apps supported by sound learning principles.

Adrienne Gross (Adi)

Adi And Mieke

Adi And Mieke

Growing up as an only child, my sister was a rascally German Shepherd called Lottie—together we played in the backyard, went for walks and generally explored the neighbourhood. These days as an adult, I still love Germans Shepherds—known as Sheppies—and have Mieke as part of my family.  What better then to combine my yearning for learning (Yes, I did read the dictionary and a world atlas as a kid...) and the borderline obsession for Sheppies into a way of fuelling the flame of learning in children. This gig also gives me a creative outlet seeing as the Bachelor of Industrial Design (think cutlery, chairs and cars) and then the post-grad professional writing diploma don’t always get used in the day job of software training for adults.  Bron and I agree it’s a lot more satisfying to watch kids using our apps, smiling, laughing and wow, actually learning something along the way. Bringing learning to life sure is empowering!

Why our apps?

Preschool Kids Math benefits

The Preschool Kids Math  game has these benefits:

  • helps children to recognise the numbers 0-20
  • develops fine motor skills through the tracing of numbers
  • improves hand-eye coordination
  • teaches children the consistent formation of numbers
  • prepares children for the skill of handwriting
  • increases children’s concentration and attention span
  • kid-safe: we don't collect data and there's no in-game advertising or purchases.

Privacy Policy for apps and website

App privacy

We know no-one really reads this privacy stuff, so to save you time here is the summary:

This icon is generated from privacychoice.org.

This icon indicates that our apps have these privacy features:

No Ads – There are no In-app advertisements from us or served from 3rd party ad networks

No Social –  We do not integrate the app with social networks such as Facebook or Twitter

No Location – We do not track a user’s location from the app

No Web – There are no hyperlinks to the internet that open a mobile web browser, from within the app

No Purchase – there is no In App Purchase functionality, which would forces users to purchase content through “buy” or “unlock” features within the app

The only data we collect is via our website visits and app store, and not throughout the app itself.

The data that we collect is anonymous:  number of visits, audience size, page view timing.

Media & Reviews

Press Kit

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Promotional Images

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We have a story in the Canberra Chronicle. Alex and the poochies look cute!

Check us out on page 10 of the January 27 2015 edition.


"Fun and engaging Keeps my granddaughter occupied for ages and i love the cute puppy noises "
"I like all of it My 5yo is really enjoying this game. He has played through with all the puppies to earn his puppy toys and says he likes all of it. I am impressed with the quality of the game function and the audio is excellent. No ads, no selling you anything, easy for kids to navigate. Defs recommend for 2-6 yos"
"Love the music! And I feel safe knowing that the game is just the game and doesn’t link off to random stuff or show any ads. Great value "

Pups with Numbers Artists

Love what you hear and see on our apps? We had help!

'Preschool kids math' acknowledgements

Music by: Duncan and Trish Delaney-Brown

Voice-over by: Trish Delaney-Brown

Graphics by: Ruwandi Perera of Ruwandi Designs

Development by: Toptal